About Us

The Rural Broadband Partnership was created by Lloyd Felton, founder of County Broadband Ltd, following nearly ten years experience in the delivery of rural broadband networks.  The aim was to provide a national resource for individuals, communities, suppliers and government bodies that would encourage and promote the roll-out of broadband in areas of traditional market failure and in so doing bring to an end the “digital divide”.

While many organisations were willing to support the project, none were prepared to underwrite the cost.  Unperturbed and convinced by the need for such a resource to exist, the decision was made to develop the resource independently.

Some 18 months later BDUK, the Government department responsible for the roll-out of broadband in the UK recognised the potential for RBP to support its deployment strategy and provided a grant to assist in the further development of the website, processes and collateral material.  In so doing, the site is now closely aligned to Government policy and designed to integrate with the funding criteria required from Local Authorities and LEPs by BDUK.

Beyond this initial grant, the Rural Broadband Partnership has not received any external funding and must determine its sustainability on standard commercial terms.

This site’s aim is to support rural broadband projects.

We want to:

  1. Help individuals connect to community broadband projects in their area.
  2. Help communities create, fund, manage and run their own broadband projects.
  3. Help suppliers and funding sources connect with the projects that need them.
  4. Provide information and resources that help you get the community broadband service you want.

We hope that the website is useful and helps your get your community project up and running.

If you have any feedback about this site, please get in touch.