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Our aim is to support rural broadband projects, helping parishes, businesses and individuals get connected and find out what services are available.

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Just by linking to our site, you can help people find the information they need. 

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If you have a broadband project in your area, you can list it on our site.  We’ll direct visitors to your project and help in its success.

You can help people find that project, by linking to us from your parish or broadband project website.

Links for your services

If you are an ISP and want to be listed in our index of suppliers, simply send in your details here.

We’ll list your details against all of the areas you currently supply

All we ask is that you link back to our site, to help people find those listings and hopefully get your more interest.

Sample Graphics

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Making your own Link

If you want  to generate your own graphic to link to us, we think that’s great! We do ask that you send us a copy to look at, before you use it on your site, just in case there are any issues that we can see.

And finally!

We hope that the website is useful and helps your get your community project up and running. 

If you have any feedback, please get in touch.