Our Services

Installing broadband is only the final step in the path to getting broadband.

We offer as much information and help as we can, online and in our resources section, but if you would like additional support, we are pleased to offer consultancy to both parishes, businesses and individuals hoping to get rural broadband.

We have two key strategies, for community and bespoke projects, both of which are outlined below.

Community Broadband Project

County Broadband specialise in providing broadband to rural communities. But prior to provision of service, there is a vital first phase which relies on local support and involvement and which requires the development of a local campaign that serves to:

  1. Raise awareness of the benefits of broadband and the vital role it has to play in the future of your parish.
  2. Bring the problem of poor broadband provision in your community into the public domain.
  3. Initiate the first steps toward taking control of the situation.
  4. Gather evidence of need (required to justify any grant applications).
  5. Shift current position of apathy/helplessness to pro-actively working to make change happen.

As you can see, the provision of broadband into a rural community is as much a social / economic issue as it is of overcoming physical or technical barriers to rural service provision. We are happy to help every step of the way with this first phase; advising on process, providing literature, presenting at village meetings and collating evidence all form part of the support we have provided for other parishes.

We work in partnership with your community to:

  1. Help identify and build a case for broadband enablement
  2. Provide assistance in raising funds and securing any grants available
  3. Provide consultation, literature and public information meetings in local venues
  4. Design and build the network infrastructure needed to provide service
  5. Manage the installation process for each household and business connected
  6. Provide ongoing service and support

We support your project by providing a third party in the form of a dedicated company, to manage and be responsible for the delivery and maintenance of broadband in your area.

Bespoke/Private Broadband Project

Connecting your parish to our Network

We have already built quite a substantial core network into which we can connect communities in Essex and Suffolk. Our focus now is funding the connectivity of rural Parishes & Communities to the Core Network, as the population levels tend to dictate that the average £10K cost involved in building the initial local network cannot be justified in true commercial terms from the revenues available.  Please contact us for further information.