Getting Started – Please Read

It has never been easier to obtain a High Speed Rural Broadband Service, all that’s needed is a willingness to succeed and an enthusiastic team

You can make a DIFFERENCE, a small team of volunteers can make it happen.  Don’t let suppliers give you hollow promises.

Remember:  The approach taken by this portal and the technology proposed will meet the needs of the majority of rural communities.  This portal provides a tried and tested route for community and business broadband provision.

The aim of this section is to assist you and your community to obtain high speed internet.  Starting from scratch, we will help you through the following key stages:

1. Project Initiation & Administration

2. Technology & Supplier Evaluation

3. Policy, Governance & Legal

4. Finance & Funding

5. Publicity & Marketing

To review these topics and follow the step by step guide to starting a community project please register here