Case Studies – Wireless Projects

There are a number of broadband projects that have been implemented in the UK making use of high speed wireless technology.

These projects generally fall into one of two categories which RBP refers to as:

  • Community or Business Initiated
  • Local Authority Initiated

Two case studies are given that provide an example of each.

West Bergholt is a village in Essex that took control of its broadband requirements and following a community engagement programme residents and businesses were unwilling to wait for the traditional broadband suppliers to provide the village with high speed broadband.

Essex County Council recognised that rural communities and businesses need high speed broadband to help retain a good quality of life for residents and help businesses remain competitive and innovative.  This Local Authority provided funding allowing the provision of high-speed broadband for rural district of Maldon.

Click on the case study below:

West Bergholt Link

Maldon Link