Stage 4 – Finance and Funding

Determining Project Costs and Applying for Funding

Cost Determination

The implementation of a successful community broadband project will require funding and for the smaller or more rural communities funding will be required from sources outside of the community.

Implementation costs and subsequent breakdown for funding development falls into two streams:

  • Cost of delivering the community service – this includes provision of the backhaul or core network and the Community Access Points CAP’s located within the community
  • The End User costs – met by the residential or business subscriber and in most cases consist of an Installation or Set-Up cost plus a monthly broadband subscription which will vary from supplier to supplier and the bandwidth package chosen

Local Funding Streams:

Consider local funding streams i.e.

  • Parish Councils
  • village fetes
  • business sponsorship etc.

Many external funding organisations examine the local support and commitment before a project is considered for funding.

There are a number of grant funding bodies that can assist with the cost of delivering the community service.

Most Local Authorities have a designated “funding officer” who is aware of all potential funding sources that are available at a District, Borough, County or National level.

Your Parish Council Clerk, Local Council Association or Local Authority Chief Executive’s office will normally be able to provide the “Funding Officers” contact details.

The Funding Officer can advise on:

  • grant schemes that are receptive to applications for broadband projects
  • how to apply
  • what will likely make a successful application.

Each fund will have specific criteria which need to be reviewed before making any application.  Matching the funding body requirements and objectives for an application submission is an extremely important aspect in terms of being successful and receiving a grant award. 


A community project that demonstrates it meets local needs at all levels is more likely to attract funding especially at times when there is a limited funding pool.