Applying For Funding

There are a number of funding options available to communities intending to implement a broadband project. The funding options range from well-established bodies that have been operating over a number of years through to broadband specific funds set up to address broadband improvement throughout the UK.

Each funding organisation has differing application requirements and qualification processes. Some funding organisations meet regularly but award grants only once per year, others make awards throughout the year.

As part of project planning it is recommended that the Funding Co-ordinator produces a community “Funding Document”. This should provide a history of how the project has come about and a summary of the route taken to achieve delivery of a service. Once produced the contents can be used as part of a funding application or included with an application as an attachment.

Prepare a Funding Document

Whilst it is important to answer all parts of a funding application template you need to consider how you can make your application stand out above the rest. Inclusion of a pre-prepared Funding Document help demonstrates that you have a properly considered project.

Typically the community funding document should include short sections on the following.

Project Background

  • what has led to the project being initiated
  • structure of a project steering group

Community Findings

  • the size of community in terms of homes and small businesses
  • references to Parish Plans where available and what success has been achieved
  • business issues
  • existing poor service description i.e. slow, unreliable, not available etc

Expected Project Deliverables

  • technology chosen
  • contracting type proposed
  • suppliers identified and consulted
  • anticipated user charges
  • project timescales

Project Cost Breakdown

  • total cost to implement a service
  • funding requirement
  • is match funding available and at what value
  • what other funding sources are being explored


  • what funds are being sought
  • what support is available from the community
  • is the project endorsed by the Parish/community council