Form your Action Group

Your action group will be the driving force behind your project: motivating others, engaging with your wider community and making things happen.

It’s important to understand the key roles and responsibilities of the group, to ensure everyone has a fair and balanced contribution, and to get the most from your community resources.

The formation of an Action Group should include a diversity of skills.

At a minimum, the action group should include

  • a project leader,
  • funding co-ordinator,
  • supplier/technology officer
  • ‘footwork’ team able to support: a doorstep survey collate the results and put up posters, etc.

An important but secondary group member for the contracting stage is a person legally qualified.  A solicitor who lives/works in the community would be ideal.

Once you’ve formed your group, you should formalise your first meeting to ensure that everyone is clear on their responsibilities.

Complete the sample record form below as a record of your historic meeting!   You can use this example as the basis for recording minutes and actions associated with follow on meetings.

Key Things To Do:

  • Arrange a community open meeting for anyone who wants better broadband facilities
  • Agree roles and responsibilities
  • Record details of your action group on the following page.
  • Register your Action Group on RBP.
  • Meet regularly