Stage 5 – Project Publicity & Marketing

Project Publicity

A key aspects of a successful community project is to engage fully with the community.  Whilst the first stage of the project is to form the broadband action group this group must appreciate the importance of keeping the community up to date with progress.  Some points to consider include:

  • A successful Broadband Project needs full community engagement and awareness.
  • Keep people informed at each stage of the project
  • Use different and diverse publicity mediums
  • People support projects they can identify with and the wider the support the more likely the project success.
  • Nurture those that want better broadband and encourage them to get involved.
  • Recognise that some will not appreciate the importance of a high speed broadband service.  They need clear – non technical explanations of what is the problem and how they or their families will be disadvantaged if nothing is done.
  • Communities can be complex so keep communication simple, address the key points which should be easily understood.

Publicise your project using:

  • Posters
  • Community notice boards
  • Village Magazines
  • Door drops or flyers.
  • Shop and Pub windows or notice boards
  • School leaflets/flyers –also a powerful means to make parents aware.
  • Web site
  • Local Press

Plan for regular and positive release of information.

When using posters or notice board, change the format and content frequently.  This helps to keep your project messages fresh and alive and is an indicator of progress.

Publicity Releases

Use publicity posters, village magazine and web site entries to advertise the following:

  • Announcing the public meeting to start your Action Group
  • The start of the survey campaign
  • Identify the chosen broadband supplier and start of implementation
  • Service now available – how to apply
  • Public service review meetings

Even the best planned projects can run into issues – inclement weather, equipment supply shortfalls, insufficient Community Access Points available, bandwidth restrictions etc. Use notice board entries to inform the public giving action details or resolution timescales.