Whilst this portal recommends wireless technology as the most suitable medium for a rural community, It is appropriate that some information is given on alternate service delivery mediums.

Other main alternative type of broadband delivery mediums include:

  • Fibre to the premises (home) referred to as FTTP (or FTTH)
  • Fibre to the cabinet referred to as FTTC
  • Cable networks currently via Virgin Media etc
  • Satellite

Fibre to the Home FTTC / Fibre to the Premises FTTP

A comprehensive document has been produced by the Fibre to the Home Council Europe which is located at

This Council has been responsible for the deployment of complex solutions with broadband markets and have advised governments and service providers in the delivery of services.  The aim of the Council is to promote fibre to the home.

Whilst the guide was developed specifically for fibre to the home broadband much of it is useful reading for a community organisation looking to deliver any broadband solution.  The guide deals with all steps from project conception through to business planning and deals with revenues, expenditure and regulation.

Fibre to the Cabinet FTTC

FTTC is where Fibre Optic cable is installed from the local telephone exchange to the street side telephone cabinet.  This cable is used to deliver all communications the cabinet such as broadband, digital TV and telephone.

Fibre optic cable is able to offer much faster speeds and greater bandwidth than the copper wire it will replace.

The next step up from FTTC is FTTH where the fibre optic cable is installed all the way to the Home and not just the cabinet which leads to additional cost.  The cost for installing FTTH is constantly under review however one estimate given to install across the UK is between £50 and £80 billion.  It can be assumed therefore that intermediate or alternate broadband supplier options should be strongly considered until FTTC / FTTH costs become more acceptable.

The significant aspect to these delivery types is that broadband speeds in excess of 100Mb should be achievable for end users.