Headline Guidance for LA’s and LEP’s

BDUK’s guidance notes state that Local Authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships will have the prime responsibility for ensuring the appropriate delivery of broadband in their areas.

BDUK expects the local body to own the following key tasks:

  • developing a Local Broadband Plan
  • ensuring the appropriate data and mapping information is available to support the Local Broadband Plan
  • sourcing (including conducting the appropriate procurement where required) broadband infrastructure and services within a project
  • managing applications for State Aid clearance, with support from BDUK
  • engaging with local communities and business to encourage and harness interest in participation in broadband projects, stimulating demand, take-up and usage
  • developing, or facilitating the development of, broadband projects pursuant to the local broadband strategy
  • bidding for funding from BDUK
  • managing applications for European funding
  • Identifying additional public sector investment as part of the LBP financial submission
  • Identifying and encouraging private sector involvement and investment as part of the LBP financial submission
  • overseeing the implementation of broadband infrastructure provision and associated services
  • monitoring and evaluating the process and outcomes of the project – sharing information and experiences with other local bodies for future projects
  • establishing appropriate delivery teams and governance structures;
  • financial control, which will complement an overarching monitoring approach developed by BDUK
  • general project management during development, procurement, implementation and operational phases
  • ensuring that appropriate demand stimulation programmes are in place
  • ensuring that appropriate skills development programmes are in place
  • delivering innovation in public service delivery.