How we support LA’s and LEP’s

Registration with RBP will give LA’s/LEP’s visibility of the following information:

  • Overview of the up-to-date broadband infrastructure availability in the local area
  • Overview of alternative carriers operating in the area (including local broadband initiatives)
  • Map areas of evidence need already aggregated within the local area
  • Obtain project listings for specific areas
  • Overview of District/Borough strategy to provide alignment with the Local Broadband Plan as developed by the LA/LEP

RBP will record all broadband projects registered by communities and businesses which will include the community identity and the project stage completed.

Included with the community or business registration process is a Parish Pack which provides a stage by stage breakdown for the main aspects that forms part of a successful rural broadband project.  The Parish Pack can be made available in printed copy which can be tailored to meet specific LA/LEP requirements.  Once printed these would provide communities and businesses with a handy project guide.

A printed and bound copy of the Parish Pack which is a Step by Step Guide to obtaining high speed broadband for local communities has been produced for distribution to Parish Councils in two Counties – Essex and Sussex.  RBP has produced these guides and organised County-wide Parish Broadband Conferences aimed at educating and guiding local councils in how they can establish a broadband project.  These conferences are tailored to the LA’s requirements reflecting their Local Broadband Plan, the demographics of the communities served and how funding will be made available for those communities that are seeking to implement a broadband service within the LA’s county-wide strategic plan.  Local Authorities wishing to explore how they can provide similar conferences for their communities should contact RBP who can create, organise and deliver similar conferences on their behalf.

RBP has assisted one Local Authority to assemble the community demand data needed within their Local Broadband Plan.  This was achieved through an on-line portal coupled with direct local engagement with communities, local parish and town council associations, the Rural Community Council and the Land and Business Associations.

An example of the on-line survey used to register interest in obtaining broadband can be found Here

Consultancy services aligned to completing a Local Broadband Plan is also a service available from RBP