Essex Parish Broadband Survey

Essex Parish Broadband Survey

The first step to providing high-speed
broadband throughout the county.


Please Note: This survey is for
Essex County Parish/Ward representatives Only

Members of the public are instead invited to contribute to our
National Public Survey for broadband provision.

If you are acting on behalf of an Essex County Parish or Ward, please:

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E.A.L.C. is pleased to join Essex County Council in supporting a county-wide survey as the first step to providing high-speed broadband throughout the county.

Although it is widely accepted that there are areas of the county where broadband provision is at best slow, there is currently no information available to clearly identify the parishes most affected. In some cases parishes are provided by more than one exchange, with varying results.

The approach of the Rural Broadband Partnership is designed to follow and continually develop a process of best practice. The success of this has been demonstrated by the support given to the project, not only by Essex County Council and E.A.L.C but also by such organisations as the Federation of Small Businesses, the Country Land and Business Association, the Haven Gateway and the Rural Community Council of Essex.

“Essex County Council are determined to address the issues of lack of provision for this vital utility, particularly in rural parts of the county where it can be reasonably argued there is even greater need for broadband. This is an almost impossible task to perform without first mapping where the problem areas are. We are calling on Parish Councils to complete this survey which is an essential stage of broadband delivery.”

John Jowers, Cabinet Member for Localism, Essex County Council

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